Verdict: Something needs to change at Rovers, but is it the manager?


As Naby Sarr finished his chance to give Huddersfield all three points, it was clear what the reaction on social media would be.

Of course, we all know what football is like, and when results aren’t going the right way, football fans are guaranteed to be asking questions of the manager and players – and rightly so. Whether you are a ‘Mowbray In’ or a ‘Mowbray Out’ fan, we all know something needs to change with this side because the team is not performing up to the ability that we know they have.

I couldn’t tell you what has caused the change in the team because you don’t have to go too far back to see a side that played with intensity, that could play around teams and was picking up results.

I’ll come clean, I’m not in the “Mowbray Out” camp – the injuries so far this season, along with other factors, have to be taken into account. But, as the key players come back and the squad becomes more well-rounded, we must simply get results because the excuses will run out and the voices calling for Mowbray to leave will only grow – and again, rightly so.

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We must turn the tide sooner rather than later to keep up any chance of reaching the play-offs that we’ve heard so much talk about this season. This Rovers side has no right to be in the top six, but if we go into the second half of the season and don’t have our name in the mix, questions need to be asked.

This is a pivotal stage of the season for Rovers, and a pivotal stage of Tony Mowbray’s time as the manager of Blackburn Rovers.

There’s little money coming in due to the current pandemic meaning crowds will not be back at Ewood Park for months to come, and it’s unlikely we’ll make any major additions to the side in January.

We’ve got a squad that is capable of beating any side in the league on our day, and if we can’t pick up results, Mowbray will come under more and more pressure, and there’s only so long that can last.

The ship needs to turn around in the right direction, and for Rovers and Tony Mowbray’s sake, let’s hope it does.

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