A Thank You And A Happy New Year To Everyone


As we head into a New Year, which will be the fourth calendar year that Rovers Chat has been running, I wanted to put a few words of thanks out there.

Heading into a new year after one of the most challenging years for everyone, having the football to keep us occupied has been much=welcomed, even if everything isn’t going as well as we would like curremtly.

Across the year, we have increased and (hopefully) improved the level of content going out on all of our different channels. We’ve introduced pre and post-match live streams, recorded a number of podcasts with former Rovers players, coaches and staff members, and there’s plenty more to come in 2021 that we can’t reveal just yet.

I’d like to put my thanks on record to hundreds of people, all of whom I wish I could thank one by one.

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Firstly, thanks to all of our contributors. From the guys who do the podcasts and the live streams, to the writers for our website and all those involved with the YouTube channel, their work behind the scenes is what allows this page to keep running and producing regular content. The guys give their time up for free, getting no financial reward for the hours they put into doing the content, and that is something that I am truly appreciative for.

To anyone who has featured on our YouTube channel or podcasts, thank you. We’ve had a fan from every club we’ve faced this season, a number of guests who specialise in the EFL, a number of statistical experts for our Stats Show, the guests on our ‘Big Fat Quiz Of The Year’, and many others – I wish I could list every name!

To our brilliant sponsors Six Yards Out (sixyardsout.com), thank you. Their financial backing allows us to keep going, explore more venues, and means I can finally stop dipping into my own pocket to keep it going – I appreciate that more than you’ll ever know!

To all the other fan-based Rovers channels out there, thank you. We’ve collaborated with many of them over the year, and when you put together all the content that has been put out there this year, it really is wonderful how much a club our size has out there in terms of fan-based content.

To Rich Sharpe, Jaquob Crooke and the media team at Rovers, thank you. The guys do a brilliant job of keeping us informed about the club, especially in these challenging times, and deserve more credit than they sometimes get.

And, last but not certainly not least, thank you to our readers, followers and subscribers. It is your support that ultimately pushes us to keep putting out content, to keep exploring new avenues and to do what we all enjoy doing.

Have a very Happy New Year, and I hope 2021 is a happy, healthy one for you, and hopefully we’ll be back in Ewood cheering on the club that brings us all together.

It has been a tough year for us all, but please remember, you are not alone. If you are ever feeling down, or need someone to chat to, our messages are open on all our platforms, and we will reply to you and we will be there if you need to speak to someone. Let’s help each other out and be kind.

Daniel Ainsworth,
Creator of Rovers Chat

We are hosting a special live stream on Tuesday 27 July to raise some much needed funds for our charity partner 'Sporting Minds UK', who provide much needed mental health support for sportspeople.

There are plenty of prizes up for grabs, including a signed pair of boots from Elliott Bennett and signed shirts from John Buckley and Joe Rothwell.

To donate, please visit rcdonate.com and give whatever you can to help support this wonderful cause. Thank you.

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