Is it the end of the road for Tony Mowbray?


Tony Mowbray is a hot topic in the world of Blackburn Rovers, it’s his name on everyone’s lips.

The past two results have been bitterly disappointing, and the performances have been abysmal. In all honesty, I don’t think we’ve performed well since November.

We’ve picked up some decent results in that time, but we haven’t played well in doing it, and whilst this is a results business playing like that and picking up points was only going to last so long.

I want to go on record in saying I adore Tony Mowbray for everything he has done for this football club. We were in dire straight when he took over and credit must go to him for turning it around.

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As disappointing as that relegation season was, the subsequent promotion season was my favourite as a supporter. For someone who wasn’t lucky enough to experience winning the league first-hand, fighting at the top end of the table was superb. It’s a season that created memories for life, memories that I cherish.

Life and football move on though, and like a relationship reaching its natural conclusion because you just aren’t the same people anymore, so has Blackburn Rovers and Tony Mowbray.

I look back to that season and think of the good times spent, how I’d do anything to recapture that excitement. Life isn’t like that though; we grow older and we change.

Blackburn is not the club it was when Mowbray first came, we are in a better position, a stronger position.

On Friday against Preston, I saw a team and manager that looked bereft of ideas and any real cohesion.

The formation was non-existent, and the substitutions were senseless. Sam Gallagher must feel he is being set up to fail, to shove him at full back for any amount of time is bewildering.

It just seems like Mowbray himself is at a loss as to what to do now and if that continues the relationship will sour.

Fans will become even more frustrated and the memories we remember so fondly will soon turn sour. I would hate for that to happen with Mowbray.

He is a good footballing man, a man who I respect a great deal, but I feel this relationship has now run its course.

It feels like a change is both necessary and something that is best for all parties. I just hope it ends amicably and not shrouded by a dark and unforgiving cloud.

Thanks for reading.

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