Verdict: Where do Rovers go from here?


Sitting down straight after the final whistle to try and condense my feelings on Rovers into a written piece is never easy, but nights like tonight make this task a thousand times harder.

I’d like to reiterate before I start that I am, and have been throughout his time as Rovers boss, a big fan of Tony Mowbray and appreciative of what he has done here.

He’s turned the club around for the better and restored my faith that this club can be in the Premier League once again.

I’ve always praised the way that Tony has the players fighting for the badge, playing for the name on the front of the shirt rather than the back, but I didn’t see that once today and it is not nice to see.

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Alex Mowatt’s goal – which killed the game off as a contest – felt like a dagger in the Tony Mowbray-shaped piece of my heart. The performance was everything I wouldn’t expect to see from this side.

I’m not sure where the team goes forward from here, but if this is the end for Tony Mowbray, I hope he receives the respect he deserves.

If you think back to February 2017, almost four years ago since he took over, this club is in a much better position.

The facilities are a much better standard up at the training centre. The analysis pods and scouting system Tony has brought to the club will benefit us for many years to come. Our players fight for our club now. No more journeymen, no more players just picking up a wage.

Tony might not be the man to take us that next step, but he deserves respect for his impact since arriving and I, for one, am grateful for the job he has done here.

Thanks for reading, and stay safe.

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