Verdict: Penalty miss sums up what it’s like supporting Rovers


After an uninspiring, flat 75 minutes or so, when Rovers were awarded the penalty, it was a lifeline back into the match and it sparked me into life watching from my sofa.

But, Samba guessed the right way and saved a good penalty from Armstrong, but missing that was a symbol of the season so far.

We had the promise of taking something out of the match, but it didn’t happen and I was left deflated, disappointed and just bored in all honesty.

I’m tired of getting my hopes up for the team to turn it around. I’m tired of having that buzz for matchday only for it to have gone by full-time.

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Mowbray’s excuses after the match were concerning for me, and he needs to be wary of alienating himself with a fanbase that has mainly respected him during his time here – a large portion of the ‘Mowbray Out’ camp still respect the job he did and rightly so, even if they believe he isn’t the man for the job.

As I mentioned post-Barnsley, it is important that should Mowbray leave, he should be treated with respect and given praise for the monumental change since he joined the club.

The match was a carbon copy of recent weeks. We started well and showed a bit of threat, conceded a goal and struggled to come back to life.

The penalty was our ‘big chance’, but it didn’t go our way and it’s a fourth defeat. Games in this league are won by fine margins, and we can’t seem to edge them.

There’s tough times ahead of Mowbray, and I’ll still be behind the team regardless of who is in charge, but we need a win, even if it is to just alleviate the pressure.

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