Talking Points: Low points, the end of the road and giving youth a chance


Daniel Ainsworth discusses three talking points as Rovers fall to defeat against bottom of the league Wycombe Wanderers…

Low Points

In our post-match verdict, I wrote that this was the low point of a low season, and I feel exactly the same the morning after.

With all respect to Wycombe Wanderers intended, it is a match we should be winning, and most certainly, it is one we needed to win given the recent run of form – which could only be described as dismal.

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The feeling of ‘I can’t be bothered’ has set in, and the quicker the final match against Birmingham City arrives, the better.

The End Of The Road?

Regardless of your opinion on Tony Mowbray’s future, a defeat to Wycombe feels like the end of the road in what has been a positive spell for Mowbray.

He turned the club around by installing a group mentality into the playing squad, making them play for the shirt and helping bring the players close to the fans.

However, it feels like as each match and each disappointing result comes, Mowbray is slowing undoing his work and I’m concerned that he’ll be remembered for these moments rather than the positive ones.

I’ve been the biggest fan of Mowbray since he arrived, and I hope – for everyone’s sake – it doesn’t turn toxic when supporters return.

Giving Youth A Chance

We probably need three points to be definite of our league status for next season, but I’d like to see the youth talents be given a run out.

There is so much talent in the U23s and giving them a chance might bring through the next Lewis Travis, Darragh Lenihan or Joe Rankin-Costello.

It might not work for them just yet, but you will never know until we try them out. Travis was given his chance and he made the most of it, and there’s young players in the U23s now who will be eager to take their opportunity and kick on next season.

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