“Never have I cared less” – How the current run is dampening spirits


I have sat through the Kean era, I have sat through the Coyle era but never have I cared less about the football club I love.

When I saw that Bournemouth went 1-0 up, I shrugged. Same old Rovers. 

When I saw that Bournemouth went 2-0 up, I shrugged. Same old Rovers.

You can see a pattern emerging, can’t you? When Coyle was sending us down to League One, I still cared about the results. The thought of missing a home game was foreign to me. I would never have entertained the idea. 

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When Kean was spewing his vitriol week in week out, I still cared. I kicked every ball and saved every shot. 

So, why now after 10 years, am I considering not buying a season ticket next season? I bought one this year on the premise that I was helping the club in time that they needed me. 

How do the club help me though? I get it, winning and losing are trials and tribulations of football. Not caring though, that isn’t what I signed up to.

I didn’t sign up to be so non plussed about the result that I can get on with my day without a hint of disappointment or anger. 

I want to care, I want to feel passion. When we lose, I want to be sad, and when we win, I want to be jubilant. I feel none of that.

I have adored Mowbray, the rebuilding job he had done with this football club was nothing short of magnificent and I will always hold the league one promotion winning team as one of my favourite Rovers sides ever.

It is difficult to think that the same man is now such a burden on the club. We are sleepwalking towards relegation and sinking without a trace. Any team that plays us between now and the end of the season will back themselves.

And why wouldn’t they? This team don’t seem to care, they are going through the motions just waiting for the season to end. 

They are lucky that fans aren’t in stadiums right now, because if they were it would be unbelievably unpleasant. 

I have wrote before that I didn’t want anything to turn sour not with Mowbray or the team. Well. I am afraid it has. 

I am falling out of love with this football club and I would very much like for that to stop. Right now, there is only one way that happens.

Thanks for everything Tony, but time catches up with everyone and your number is up. Please go while I can still hold you in some regard.

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