Talking Points: A lack of supporter enthusiasm a big concern


Daniel Ainsworth discusses three talking points as Rovers fall to defeat away to Sheffield Wednesday…

Supporters lacking enthusiasm

Seeing across social media that a section of supporters have lost interest in the season and team is completely understandable, and a sign of what could be to come when the season tickets are released in the summer.

Sat there at home in front of the TV, I found my enthusiasm for the match waning and I’m sure I am one of many who felt the same.

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We need something this summer to get the fans excited for next season. Whether it’s investing in a few summer buys or replacing the manager, the club will need to make sure fans want to be back at Ewood next season, as they will need the money from season tickets more than ever.

A familiar performance

We’ve seen today’s performance on so many occasions this season. Rovers grow into the match and then concede, and it’s a real uphill battle for the side to come back.

Rovers have only taken nine points after conceding first, and you just get the sinking feeling when we concede, and that is not how it should be.

The fact we have not found a way to recover from these positions is concerning and disappointment, and it is one of several problems that will put Rovers’ play-off hopes on hold until resolved.

Give the youth a chance!

I wrote a point similar to this following the Derby victory, but Rovers could do no worse than giving some of their brightest youth prospects a chance before the season is out.

I’m a watcher of the U23 sides, as seen by the coverage on the ‘Rovers Academy‘ account, and I can say hand on heart that there is plenty of talent in the side.

With nothing left to play for, giving the younger players a chance could see us find the next John Buckley, Joe Rankin-Costello or Lewis Travis – we have nothing to lose by giving them a chance.

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