Verdict: Another ‘frustrating’ evening in a frustrating season


If I had a pound coin for the amount of times we’ve heard the word frustrating used in a post-match interview this season, I might just have received an invite to the European Super League.

As much as I’m sick and tired of the word, it does sum up the season pretty well, alongside other words I won’t use in order to keep the website family-friendly.

I’ve got to the stage of the season I dread, where you just want the summer to come – even if you know you’ll be wanting football to return a month later.

Rovers’ performance at Sheffield Wednesday was one we’ve seen a number of times. Defensive issues were shown, there was lack of urgency in the midfield and a lack of options going forward – which all made for miserable viewing.

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We didn’t perform too badly before Sheffield Wednesday’s goal, with Rovers slowly getting into the match. However, a piece of poor defending gave the hosts the chance, and Windass took the opportunity – albeit a deflected effort.

The performance after the goal was lacking any real quality or cutting edge, and Rovers couldn’t fashion many chances to get back into the fixture.

But, we’ve seen this story so often since the season began; Rovers concede first and struggle to get back into the match.

We’ve conceded first in 26 of our 43 league fixtures, going on to take points out of just seven of those matches – credit to Rich Sharpe for the statistic.

The fact we are yet to find a solution to this is concerning, and one of several reasons we have gone backwards this season.

Fans, to put it simply, are bored. Not being able to be in the stadiums is bad enough, but the aforementioned factors in a number of performances haven’t helped the cause either.

The quicker the end of the season comes, the better. We’re all but safe in the division now, and let’s just get it all done and head into the summer window.

Thanks for reading, and for your continued support throughout this season.

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