Frustration all round as Rovers concede late


What a frustrating afternoon on a number of occasions.

Five hours ago, when I was sat on the sofa for the ‘Rovers Chat Sofa Chat‘ show, I was delighted to have club football back – now, I’m not so much.

The first half was just what we wanted from Rovers. A two-goal lead and showing signs of extending it, but then it all disappeared.

A dominant second-half performance would have seen us take three points, and would have left us in a position in which we could have headed into Tuesday with serious ambitions of two wins in a row.

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I’m not expecting much from Rovers this season, and I like that the team is playing without expectations, but the quicker we make it to the fifty point mark, the better.

Get to that safety net, and let’s see how many matches we have left and go from there.

I’ll be honest, I’m not as against the back five as perhaps some people are, but leaving a two-man midfield saw us become overran and it eventually cost us two points.

You knew the equaliser was coming. Inviting pressure onto yourselves is never a good idea in football, but we did just that, and this is where the frustration arises.

It feels like, as fans, we are repeating ourselves with the same downfalls of the team every couple of months watching Rovers.

Also, although I won’t get into the referees too much, Oliver Langford was absolutely abysmal for both sides. He lost control of the match as soon as Darragh Lenihan wasn’t dismissed for a poor challenge on Allan Campbell, and it all spiralled out of control from there.

Luton’s ‘keeper Simon Sluga should have been dismissed in the second half for bringing his arms down on Ben Brereton Diaz, and there were several more baffling decisions from Langford, and both sides should feel aggrieved in that way.

In conclusion, it was a frustrating afternoon all round and we’ve just got to put that match behind ourselves and look ahead to Tuesday.

Thanks for reading.

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