The Season So Far, Contracts And More | Episode 97: The Rovers Chat Podcast


Welcome back to another episode of the Rovers Chat Podcast as we near the century mark.

Today's episode - number 97 if you're keeping count(!) - sees Tom, Alex and Oli sit down to discuss a range of topics including:

  • Rovers' start to the season: How happy should we be with the start? Should our expectations change? Do we need to take it one match at a time
  • Contracts: How important is keeping the likes of Brereton Diaz and Lenihan with the club? Who will sign and who will leave?
  • Your Questions: Will Mowbray get a new deal? Should we revisit the Maja deal? Any potential free agents to go for?

We answer all the above questions, and much more, in the episode so check it out using the links below!

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