Our YouTube Channel

The Rovers Chat YouTube channel has grown massively over the course of 2020, and we're on our way to 1,000 subscribers, so come and join us!

There is a range of content on our channel, and with guaranteed videos every week, there really is something for every Rovers supporter to enjoy.

Please hit that subscribe button over on YouTube, as your support will allow us to continue making these videos for you.

A Sample Of Our Videos:


Live Streams

Before each and every first team league match, we're live on our YouTube channel (as well as Facebook and Twitter) to look ahead to the match and to react to the team news.

We then go live again post-match to react to the events of the match, looking at a range of topics.

There is the chance for you to be involved, with our host Ryan reading out your comments and we also welcome phone-ins.


The Stats Show

Presented by our statistical guru Andy Watson, The Stats Show provides an insight into Rovers' performances and players via a tactical, analytical and statistical perspective.

Andy is regularly joined by guests from the world of analytics, such as staff members from professional UK football teams, bringing you the very top of the statistical game.


On The Other Side

Presented by Ryan Hildred LIVE on the evening before a first-team fixture, the On The Other Side series allows us to gain an opposition perspective on the fixture.

Each week, we bring on a knowledgeable supporter from the opposition to get the lowdown on the team we will be facing.

You can get involved with these streams by leaving your comments for Ryan and his guest, with some featured on the show!


One-Off Quizzes

During international breaks, close season or other events, we run live quizzes on our social media channels.

Our latest example is 'The Big Fat Rovers Quiz 2020', which saw members of the 'Rovers Twittersphere' come together for some quizzing fun, as well as raising nearly £800 for The Salvation Army.


The 1875 Podcast

As well as Spotify and iTunes, we also release episodes of The 1875 Podcast on our YouTube channel.

Here, you'll be able to see video versions of the podcasts, providing a better viewing experience if you choose to do so.